I just used the word “bazillion” in a post, and noticed the spell checker didn’t object. So naturally, I decided to Wiki it. Here’s the good part:

“Imaginary words ending in the sound “-illion”, such as zillion[1] and bazillion[2], are often used as fictitious names for an unspecified, large number, by analogy to names of large numbers such as billion and trillion. Their size is dependent upon the context, but can typically be considered large enough to be unfathomable by the average human mind.

Heh heh heh. As a word nerd, I just love that.


3 thoughts on “Bazillion

  1. I think this is the only acceptable way to exaggerate in normal conversion. By using a made up word to quantify something your neither lying or actually exaggerating if you can assign your own definition.

    “Lacy wiggamarooed on her coworkers yesterday.”

    See, how fun!

  2. Oh man. I TOTALLY know what you mean!

    Snarky is another of my favorite made up words. At least, I thought it was made up when I first heard it. Since then, it’s gotten to be a word in its own right. Maybe I’ll write a post about Snarks and snarkiness. Yup. Will do.

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