Epic Belgian Email #32

(Note: My mommy taught me that if you can’t say something nice,
you shouldn’t say anything at all. As a result, this Epic will
contain no mentions of my thesis promoter, beyond this note.
Interpret that as you will. :p)

And the word of the day is: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

After a rather frustrating week of waiting around, I have gotten
my thesis all shiny, polished up, printed out, bound together,
and handed in! (How’s that for a string of badly placed
prepositions?) As of right now, the only two people who have
read my thesis include myself and Dustin (thank you thank you
thank you), so I will spend the next couple weeks hoping that
professorial review will not find it desperately lacking. We’ll

I’m hoping that a comment I received from Professor Burke while
writing my undergraduate thesis will still hold true. He was
giving me feedback on something I’d written when he said (this
is not so much a direct quote as an essence): “I was reading
along thinking ‘hm, yes, uh huh, very good,’ when all the sudden
I realized that what I was reading was completely *wrong*. Your
writing is so well composed that I was halfway through the
paragraph before I noticed.”

Heh heh. I’ll charm them with my excellent use of the English
language! Not to mention the fact that my paper is full of
pictures of naked women, and really… with all that, who needs
a quality topic?

So that is out of my hands. On the 7th of July, I find out
whether or not I passed. If so, I graduate on the 8th. After
that, I guess I’ll be heading off to the Netherlands. More
details on that later.

Other news? There isn’t much. I went shopping for some summer
clothes and everything I bought was too big. Guess I’ll try to
fix that tomorrow. I’ve been reading a lot of fun books. The
chickens are still evil and mean, but they are laying eggs

Wow. I really don’t have any other news. I can’t even think of
any new chicken stories, although last week’s email did prove my
theory that you guys like the chickens best… (Look at all the
replies I got! 😉 I’ll keep an eye on them and let you know of
any developments.

In the meanwhile, I hope everyone continues to be well and that
no one is roasting to death in the summer heat. I send many hugs
and much love from afar.


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