Epic Belgian Email #30

Yay! I’ve hit 30! Yay! That means I’ve been here for a really
long time! Woo!

Welcome to my relaxing weekend. After a week of unprecedented
success working on my thesis, I’ve taken this weekend mostly
off, which means… well, doing a lot of not much. University
classes ended on Friday, so the entire student population of
Leuven evacuated to go home and begin the three weeks of
cramming before exams start in June. That means it’s been pretty
quiet. Marianne came back this weekend, and I think plans to be
around during most of the study time. That will be nice for me.

Half of my thesis is officially drafted. The situation is never
as dire as it appears, I suppose, although last week was halfway
over before I figured out what my thesis is actually about.
Here’s the final verdict (although maybe not the final title):

Tracking the rise and fall of Anat and Astarte using an
iconographical approach.


Okay, so that is DEFINITELY not the final title. Translated,
that means that I’m trying to use pictures to show what happened
to Anat and Astarte (a couple of wild and crazy goddesses) after
they disappeared from the historical (textual) record. It’s not
the world’s most brilliant subject, I won’t be winning any
special distinctions for it, but it will be well researched and
well written, so I’m not too worried.

A long way off from Babes in Babylon. Regardless, I have a
hunch my adviser will think this is what I was going to write
all along. We’ll see. He comes back on the 15th. I figure I’ll
finish writing it next week, and then do revisions until he
comes back. It should go pretty quickly from here.


In the parts of my week not eaten up by my thesis, I watched a
lot of people get sunburned in the park when summer suddenly
descended last Wednesday. It made the walk to and from the
library rather unpleasant, but looking out the window from the
library was quite nice. Especially since the inside temperature
is about 3 degrees. Celsius or Fahrenheit, take your pick. Brr.
It’s stayed nice all week, although it is cooler today. I spent
a bit of time on the swingset in the park behind the house
today, just for the sake of getting out of my room.

Last night, Marianne and I went to the “Werldfest” down in the
library square. It was a big international fair, with lots of
ethnic clothes, crafts, and foods for sale. We ate at a
Bangladeshi (I think) booth. I should have warned Marianne that
food from that part of the world tends to come a bit spicy. Poor
Belgian Marianne spent most of the meal crying into her napkin
because it was tooooo hot. (I thought it was just-right spicy!)

So that was my week. With the rest of this evening, I plan to go
terrorize my chickens (who I’ve been avoiding for the last week)
to get some eggs for dinner. Then maybe I’ll do a crossword
puzzle and take another walk. Tomorrow, it’s back to the

And that’s that in Belgium. Thanks so much for the warm fuzzies
everyone sent along last week! I think that was just the pick-up
(and in certain cases, kick in the pants) I needed to stop
waffling and get working. Thank you Nyla for providing my new
thesis-writing motto (which contains too many expletives to
share with the general public. 😉

Until next week, I wish everyone the best. I send love and hugs
from afar!


2 thoughts on “Epic Belgian Email #30

  1. “Tracking the rise and fall of Anat and Astarte using an
    iconographical approach.”


    Must. Share. With. Religion. Geek.

  2. Ssh, don’t tell anyone, but the longer I sit on it, the more I realize what a complete load of rubbish that paper was. Of course, it was full of pictures of naked goddesses, so it wasn’t ALL bad… Still, I can’t believe I got an MA out of it.

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