Epic Belgian Email #24

Turns out that Sunday afternoons are highly conducive to me
forgetting to write epic emails. :p Oh well! Happy Monday, all!

Spring has come to Belgium! It arrived last Wednesday, and the
city bloomed with sidewalk cafe tables and the accompanying
crowds. It is amazing how different it is here when the sun
comes out. Now if the trees would just sprout some leaves, we’ll
really be in business!

There is nothing greyer than a European city center in winter.

So let’s see… what have I done with my week? Worked on my
thesis! Went to a pointless class in Louvain-la-neuve
(french-speaking half of the university). I cooked dinner for
Piraye one night. I put cashews in a ginger chicken stir fry,
and she was so excited about the cashews she could hardly stand
it. Almost as gratifying as being a legitimately good cook. 🙂

Hm. That’s about all I did. Not much of an Epic… (I fear this
whole semester could be rather shoddy Epic Material, with the
exception of vacation time at the end of the month. Viva Italia!
Woo woo!)

I could regale you with tales of Thesis Wonder!

My thesis subject changes just a little every time I sit down to
work on it. Currently I’m attempting to flesh out a comparative
study of the roles women played in the various religions of the
ancient Levant (mainly Judaism, Baalism (and all the complicated
accoutrements), and plain old Superstition).

Getting your hands on books is the trickiest problem. There are
three different libraries available here (Arts Faculty, Theology
Faculty, and the Main Library), but half the time the books I
need are in a completely different city. *sigh* I wonder how
tacky it is to use all internet resources on a Masters

Another good thesis related game is “Find the Promoter.” My
promoter/adviser is … difficult to track down. The real
problem is that he lacks any concept of Absolute Time. He
schedules meetings for dates that have already passed and keeps
very fluid office hours. I sent him an email this morning asking
for a meeting, and he replied with a meeting time for “next
wednesday” and then wished me a happy weekend. (It is Monday,
right?) So I have no idea which Wednesday he was talking about,
but I suppose I’ll show up this wednesday and see what happens.

And that’s about that. The chickens are doing well. They spend
their days trying to escape their coop (with less and less
success as we catch onto all their tricks) and giving us the
Evil Eye. You’d think they could use some of that energy to lay
more eggs, but noooo. Digging up daffodils is more fun.

I guess I’ll give up and conclude. I hope everyone is having a
great week, I hope spring is finding its way to your corners of
the globe as well, and until next week – love and hugs!


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