Epic Belgian Email #22

What a dreary week in Belgium. The weather is Blah, my schedule
is Blah, even the chickens are Blah.

Which will make for a very short Epic today. I don’t even have
any amusing anecdotes to report. I rescued some daffodil bulbs
from off the back porch this morning. That’s the height of early
March excitement around here.

I don’t even have any exceptional progress to report on my
thesis. Yes, I’m getting some work done. No, I don’t know what
my topic is yet. And no, that isn’t a contradictory set of
statements. Don’t worry – I promise to let everyone know when I
do get that pesky topic thing figured out.

So we’ll just call this email checking in to be sure I’m still
alive. I did manage to get my website pretty well updated, so
feel free to go take a look. I’ve already been told that one of
the pictures is goofy (if you click on me, I turn into a
tower… oops), but everything else seems to be in working
order. Click on this address or paste it in your internet


And that’s that! Has anyone else been doing anything
interesting? I’d love to hear about it if you get a chance. 🙂
Otherwise, I’ll try to do something interesting between now and
next week so I have something worth saying in my next email. :p

Until then – love and hugs to all!


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