Epic Belgian Email #20

And here I am once again, on the other side of the pond. I am
somehow amazed to discover that not much has changed in my
absence. Well, except for the chickens. They apparently missed
me so much that they took to laying an egg a day, leaving me
with a fine gift of 22 eggs upon my return. Not a single egg for
two months, then I leave the country and bam!

Oh well. Omelettes for one and all!

So I had a really lovely vacation. I would have liked another
week, but I’ll be content with what I had. Everyone took really
good care of me and made sure I was thoroughly spoiled.

Recuperating from jetlag is a piece of cake going west, it turns
out. No time wasted there. Instead, I launched right into the
Fix Laura Up routine. Eye doctors, dentists, hair doctors, back
doctors, money doctors, muscle doctors… I saw them all! And
theoretically, I’ve come out on the other side in slightly
better shape than I went in.

But far more interestingly and importantly, I got to spend lots
of time with the people I really love. Mmm! I miss you guys
already! I got to eat all my favorite things, hug all my
favorite people, sleep in, relax, meditate on pine trees, throw
a couple snowballs… Mmm!

It really went way too fast.

On the way back, I managed to misplace my jacket (with my keys
in the pocket) on an airplane, so the first thing I had to do
upon returning was break into my room. Clever girl. I think it’s
been done before, considering how easily the screws on the lock
came out of the wall. I was glad though. The alternative would
have been to go back and live with the monks for a few days
until my friend the Landlady decided to fork over my spare

Marianne had left me flowers, so I felt loved and slightly
better after my really long and rather annoying trip home. She
stopped in this evening and we chatted for awhile. I showed her
pictures and introduced her to instant oatmeal. It was nice.

And now I’m supposed to be getting back to work. Byargh. Gonna
have to decide on this thesis right quick. My first stop
tomorrow will be at Ann’s office to see what sort of grades I
turned up last semester. Then I suppose I need to stuff my pride
in my pocket and go talk to my thesis advisor.

It really should be a nice semester. I shouldn’t grouch so much.
I get to work almost entirely on my own schedule, and I’m much
more comfortable writing papers than taking oral exams. And if I
can just feel a little inspired about a topic, thesis writing
should go just fine.

Alas! Beginning is always the tricky part, isn’t it? I’ll get on
top of that and let you know next week how it’s going.

So off I go now. I’ve been on a roll with my website today! It
isn’t all finished, but you can check it out anyway. Pictures
probably won’t go up for a little while. So many things to do!

Everyone take care. I miss you loads, and I’ll write again soon!


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