Epic Belgian Email #19


It was close. Last week almost killed me (hence the lack of
email last weekend – sorry) but now I’m AAALL done. Aahhh! And
tomorrow I get to go home for awhile.

I seem to have blocked last week out of my mind already. All I
remember is miserably flopping my Thursday exams. I guess I just
filled my brain past capacity and things stopped sticking (and I
must confess I did bad study-planning). I didn’t have a single
thing to say to the professor when it was my turn to talk. It
was very painful. I’ll be retaking that exam (Chiefdom to State
in the Iron Age) again in September.

The benefit of royally bombing an exam is that everything after
it (no matter how lousy it would otherwise have seemed) is much
less painful by comparison. My exam this Tuesday, for example,
was about half good and half bad, but the bad part wasn’t NEARLY
as bad as the flopped exam, so it didn’t make me too sad.

And today’s exam was an excellent way to finish. Who knew I
would be good at Egypt? Mostly, I got a really great question,
the professor seemed to be in a good mood, that was that, and
now it’s all done. Aaah!

I wonder if I’ve done anything else worth mentioning in the last
two weeks? I really can’t think of anything. Exams kind of ate
my month. Today my classmates and I went out for celebratory
drinks and lunch. We managed to go to three different cafes in
about as many hours. We wouldn’t have been any fun to anyone
else – hard to get exams off the brain even when they’re over.

Which means this email is probably not much fun either. (Exams
exams exams!) I suppose I’ll keep it as un-epic as possible then
so I don’t bore everyone to tears. 😉 I won’t have my results
until some time next month, but I’ll keep everyone updated.

Tomorrow I catch a 12:05 plane out of Brussels bound for home,
going through DC. Two solid weeks of relaxing and letting other
people pamper me. 😀 Then I come back and need to get rolling on
my thesis. But I’m not thinking about thesis yet!

So for the next couple of weeks, everyone take care and enjoy
the fine winter weather in all your various corners of the
country. Me? I’m hoping for LOTS of snow when I get home. Hehe!
Hope to hear from you soon, and I’ll send more news in a bit.
Love and hugs to all!


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