Epic Belgian Email #16

It’s spring in Belgium!

No idea how it happened, but I have a feeling it will make the
miserable weather everyone keeps promising for February twice as
miserable. But for now, the sun is shining, the sky is blue,
short walks are possible without fur-lined jackets, and
umbrellas are unnecessary.

Not that it matters much, since I spend most of my time indoors
these days. Study study study. After two weeks, I’m still not
completely used to the idea that I can do whatever I want all
day long, but if I don’t study, I’ll be toast by the end of the
month. Sleep too late and waste your time at your own risk!

I’ve been doing better getting things done since my last email,
anyway. Marianne has helpfully promised not to let me sleep past
noon, so I’ve been starting most of my days by having lunch with
her. I usually get a couple hours of reading or researching done
in the afternoon, then zone out for several hours around dinner
time. My focus returns some time around 8 or 9 o’clock, and I’m
set to go until 2 or 3.

How many of you are gasping in horror? The life of a student is
a beautiful thing. πŸ™‚ After working a hospital job starting at
4am for almost a year, I’m more than happy to have my weird
hours back. Unfortunately, since most of my exams are at 9:00 in
the morning, I’ll have to make sure I’m going to bed early
enough next week.

In the meanwhile, I’m also having enough social interaction to
keep me sane. I’ve only been alone in the house one day since
break started, and I just found out last night it’s because
Marianne and Koen arranged for one or the other of them to
always be here because they didn’t want me to be lonely. My
appreciation is absolutely boundless. It would be very very
lonely if it was just the chickens to talk to.

Marianne and I eat most of our meals together, and today we also
bonded over cleaning the kitchen. :p Last night she cooked me
the strangest thing – anyone ever heard of courne? I think I’m
spelling it right. It’s not meat, but if she hadn’t told me
that, I never would have known the difference between it and
ground beef. Made with fermented egg whites and malt extract and
some other stuff… She cooked it up with some veggies and we
stuffed pita pockets. It was quite nice, but I still can’t
believe it’s not meat.

We’ve also been seeing lots of movies. In fact, I think since
break started, I’ve seen every english language movie that’s
come through, including: Birth (worst movie I can remember
seeing, maybe ever), Bridget Jones (hillarious but
lonely-making), National Treasure (fun in a completely efforless
sort of way), Ocean’s 12 (didn’t like it as much as the first),
and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (very good movie).

Which all sums up to a pretty normal week in any student’s life.
I could be here or there or anywhere. Except for the fries, of
course. Can’t get fries like these anywhere but Belgium. πŸ™‚ And
that is, in turn, to say that I’m doing very well. Things should
start picking up speed this week, so I’ll keep everyone up to
date on my progress. Until then, I send you all love and best
wishes. Take care! Mmmmmwah!

πŸ™‚ Laura


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