Epic Belgian Email #13

Greetings all and bright!

Weather report from Belgium: Alternately cold, not-so-cold, and
cold&rainy. The chickens are fine. πŸ™‚

This week feels not so much epic as ponderous. For every class
that had to be rescheduled (usually due to schedule conflicts on
behalf of the professor), there was an extra class this week to
make up for it. All told, I had twenty-five hours of class last
week. That’s really too much.Β  My brain is quite full, thank

But I survived presentation #2 (went smashingly, thank you!) and
now only have one week of class to go. Fortunately, this coming
week isn’t quite as heavily loaded.Β  My last presentation is on
Wednesday, and then I can breath a (small) sigh of relief.

Then the holiday vacation begins. Technically it only lasts one
week (through New Years), but nothing appears on the schedule
again until January 17th, when the three-week exam period
begins. I have a lot of studying to cram in between now and
then. Between all those studying bits, I also have a good
smattering of social interaction planned (so no one needs to
worry about me being all alone over here!) πŸ™‚ I have three
friends from Ethiopia who will be around, a couple from England,
and several dinner invitations to boot. My roommates also claim
they will be around a bit, and I have study dates with
classmates aaaaaall the time!Β  Aaah, academia! Oh yes. And don’t
forget the chickens. (They send their love.)

My favorite adventure this week has been today’s laundry
episode. I’ve been lagging a bit behind in my laundry up-keep, I
must admit, so today I decided to get on top of it.

Sadly, my laundry processing capabilities are rather limited. It
goes something like this:

Step 1: Wash clothing. Three shirts is about the maximum that
will fit in the sink, and even that’s bound to be sloppy.

Step 2: Rinse six times. Otherwise things get crunchy.

Step 3: Hang on line over sink and let drip while washing next
batch. (My wrists aren’t strong enough to do an adequate job
ringing out the water in one try.)

Step 4: Squeeze more drippings out, move clothing to heater.
Heater is big enough for exactly three shirts (or 23 socks). Let
bake for two hours. At this point, clothing will be un-drippy
enough for:

Step 5: Move clothing to hanging line and let dry for two more
days. Move next batch to heater.

So I got six loads of laundry done today, which means I have
enough clean clothing for the next three days. πŸ™‚ It’s really
quite silly, but I’m just too cheap to use the laundromats.
Fortunately, I have a friend with a washing machine who I can
beg favors from now and then, but I try to limit that to sheets,
towels, and the occasional hard-to-dry sweater. Everyone please
take a moment to appreciate your spin cycle. (And Dorothy – tell
Uncle Gus that he needs to take a turn or two at that sink!
It’ll be good for him to find out how much fun this is!! πŸ˜‰

As I typed this, I was watching the batch of shirts currently on
my heater. When the heater turns on, you can see the steam
rising from the shirts. (ooooh…)

You know if I’m writing about laundry I’ve really hit the bottom
of the interesting activities pot. So I won’t make this too much
more epic. More interesting things are sure to follow.

I hope everyone is well. No need to eat any extra cookies for me
this week. I’ve been doing a fine job of that myself, as my
slightly-snug pants will attest. So love and hugs to all, and I’ll
talk to you soon! Mmmmmwah!


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