Epic Belgian Email #12

You’d think it was winter around here!

Not one single flake of snow, and the puddles on the ground are
still puddles (and not mini ice rinks), but it’s cold! Everyone
on that side of the pond should take a minute to appreciate how
lovely it is to get into a nice warm car and drive everywhere.
I don’t remember a winter being this cold EVEN with temperatures
well below zero. That’s what you get for having a bicycle as
your main form of transportation, I suppose. Two scarves, three
hats, six pairs of socks and four mittens usually makes it okay.
And long-johns. God Bless Long-johns.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the public buildings believed in
turning on their heaters.

Not much else around here is news. I only have two weeks of
classes left (unbelievable!) which means a good deal of
scrambling to finish up projects. I have a presentation this
Tuesday about Senwosret I’s pots, and a presentation next
Wednesday about microware analysis on stone tools.

(Do you hear the strangling noises I’m making? Archaeology was a
lot more fun when I got to play in the mud…)

But then my classes will be over, and all I have to do is
survive three weeks of exams. Wheeee! No problem. Then I get to
come home and visit, and then I can start writing a thesis.
Hahahahaha! I suppose I should make it a goal to come up with an
official thesis topic some time between now and then.

And speaking of goals, I’ve been brainstorming goals for my life
with various friends this week (thanks Lindsay, Emmy and
Dustin!) I’ve come to the conclusion that after I graduate, I’m
going to open my own novelty store. I’ll sell books (but only
the ones I also like to read), Grow Your Own Dinosaur Kits
(insects “fossilized” in maple syrup – no promises on species!),
ancient stone artifacts and tools (which I will produce myself
in the back yard), and advice to future EMA students (“by all
means argue with your professors!!”). Having a shop to run would
be inconvenient though, so I’ll just have a website. Then I can
keep living in Europe and I’ll still have the free time to write
the next best-selling trash archaeology novel (move over, Clan
of the Cave Bears!)

In all seriousness though, since I know at least one of you is
bound to ask, I don’t have any well-defined post-Belgium plans.
I promise I won’t work for a Macdonalds, though. How’s that? πŸ™‚
I also promise, however, to keep everyone informed if and when I
do come up with a real Plan.

And look at that! Despite not doing a single noteworthy thing
this week, I still managed to concoct an Epic Email. No update
to my webpage yet, and I regret to announce that you’ll probably
have to wait until classes are over for that to happen, but stay

So until next week, I hope everyone is well. I’ll eat some extra
cookies and think of you, if you’ll eat some extra cookies and
think of me. πŸ˜‰Β  Mmmmmmwah!

πŸ™‚ Laura

PS: the chickens send their love.


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