Epic Belgian Email #11

Greetings family and loved ones far and wide!

The week in Belgium has been nothing short of … uneventful.
Eat, sleep, go to class. Doesn’t get much more mundane than
that. Even the weather has been boring. I guess I used up my
quotient of interesting happenings during the last couple of

Perhaps the most interesting thing to report are my Adventures
in Babysitting.  Yes, babysitting. I got an email from my
program coordinator asking if I’d be interested in babysitting.
Seeing visions of extra Euros flitting about, I said “sure!” and
soon enough, I got a call from Delia – American and former EMA

She and her husband Tim (also American and former EMA student)
decided they want to have some evenings off, so could I come
watch their baby?  Zoe is 13 months, an only child, and goes to
bed at 7:00. Piece of cake!

They put the baby to bed before I left, so I figured I’d have
the night mostly free to do some homework.


She woke up at 9:30 and was still up when they came home at
midnight. She didn’t want to do anything I suggested for more
than 5 minutes, at which point she’d start crying again and
insist on another tour of the house looking for mommy. It was
… a trying evening.

But they paid me really well, so I can’t argue much. I was a
little worried about that when I went – how much money can two
former students, one of them working on a PhD, possibly have?  A
LOT, is the answer. So I made it very clear that I’m happy to
come back and watch their demon child ANY time they want. 😀

Otherwise, it’s been a week as normal. Although I got my camera
software working again, I didn’t finish updating my webpage. As
a consolation prize, I’m going to attach a few of my favorite

CHICKENS is self-explanitory. The grey chicken is Germaine, the brown chicken is Josephine.

38 is a picture of my roomies and I at our street party. Antlers and all.

Brussels is just a great picture of the Brussels skyline, taken
from Palais Royale looking toward Grand’Place. (That’s Albert
I’s bum in the forground on the horse).

And then a nice cute picture of Dustin and I, for those of youwho haven’t met him before. 🙂

I promise to get my page updated one of these days. In the
meanwhile, I hope everyone is having a great week, and I’ll send
more news later! Oh yes, and thank you to everyone who sends me
notes in return! I’ve been a little delinquent about personal
replies lately, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. :p I do,
so mwah mwah mwah! and I’ll talk to you soon!


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