Epic Belgian Email #9

Hello and greetings from the middle of the week!

This is going to be a not-so-epic email since I’m kinda sleepy
and should really go to bed soon, but I thought I’d send out a
quick update to let everyone know I’m still alive and kicking.
I’ll send out more detailed news in this weekend’s official
epic. (Sending this on a Wednesday makes it unofficial.)

Last week was much like any other week in many ways. My
presentation on Wednesday went about as well as I expected. That
is to say, I got through it alive and with only minimal
interruptions from the professor. All in all, I think I did
pretty well (despite not knowing anything about the ancient wadi
:p). I’m glad it’s over, and only a little sad that I still have
one more to look forward to.

Then, by way of self-congratulations, I hopped a train and
headed to Amsterdam where Dustin arrived right on schedule.
Aaaah! It’s very nice to have company! We spent the weekend
toodling around Amsterdam. Sadly, the weather was dastardly
cold. It snowed/sleeted a bit and rained all the rest of the
time.  We took a boat tour and wandered around downtown, but as
the trams were not on their normal schedules (due to some sort
of repairs or construction) and walking in the rain was awfully
uncomfortable, we didn’t see as much as we otherwise might have.

But that’s okay. Mostly, it’s just been nice having him around.
I’ve had classes all week, so he’s just been hanging out in
Leuven in the meanwhile. The really good news is this means my
computer is now fixed, therefore I should be able to put some
new pictures online. I’ll do that some time after he leaves next
week, so stay tuned. Hopefully, we’ll be going someplace
interesting over the weekend, so I’ll have more things to share
in my next epic.

In the meanwhile, I hope everyone is doing well in your
respective corners of the globe. I’m sending love and hugs and
I’ll send more news soon. Mmmmmmwah!


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