Epic Belgian Email #8

Greetings oh family and friends!

Not quite 5:00 here, and I’ve just pulled my shades because I
realized it was dark. And chilly. But that’s normal.

It has been another un-epic week over here. It was a *very* busy
class week, and the weekend hasn’t been any more relaxed.
Un-epic though it was, the week did have a them: Jericho!

I’ve spent the week learning everything there is to know about
the walls of Jericho. But these are not the walls that Joshua so
helpfully knocked down. These walls were already buried in the
mud before Joshua even knew that Jericho existed. No, MY walls
are (so they say) 10,000 years old (supposedly about 3500 years
before Joshua). They are the very first big stone walls anyone
ever built, in fact.

Jericho is my theme for the week because next Wednesday I get to
do a presentation for my Geoarchaeology class explaining why,
10,000 years ago, people suddenly decided they needed to build
really big stone walls. I’m not terribly worried about the
actual presenting part, I’m just slightly worried that the
professor (Vermeersch, for the two of you who know) is going to
eat me alive. He’s not as scary as initial rumors indicated he
might be (200 year old Jesuit priest with fangs, red glowy eyes,
and a penchant for making students cry), but I believe what they
say about him being very critical. Unfortunately, I have no base
of comparison, since I’m the lucky first presenter. So Heidi and
Craig, if there’s anything I should know – now’s the time to
tell me!

And when one devotes one’s whole week to Jericho, there really
isn’t much left over to tell. I went out for drinks with my
classmates after we finished on Friday. It was a lot of fun. We
made fun of Black Topped Pots and reconstructed the ancient city
of Abydos with peanut shells. We spent a few minutes getting
anxious about exams in January, then ordered some more drinks
and it was all better. Hehe.

My presentation is this Wednesday, which will take a big load
off, then on Friday Dustin comes! Yay! I’m going to meet him in
Amsterdam and we’ll spend the weekend there before I have to be
back for class on Monday. This means next weekend’s epic might
be delayed, but I hope you can forgive me. 🙂 I deserve a
weekend off. On the up side, I should have epic things to tell
about next time I mail.

I hope everyone is having a very nice November, so far. Keep
warm and hug yourselves hello for me, and I’ll send more news in
a bit! Mmmmmwah!


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