Epic Belgian Email #7

Welcome to November, one and all!

This week’s epic email comes to you from a chilly but mostly
quiet Sunday evening, and probably won’t be very epic. I haven’t
committed any funny idiocies this week, the chickens have been
on their best behavior, and everything else has been pretty

On Friday, we took a break from regular class and went to
Brussels to see the Royal Museum of Art and History, where a
couple of my professors work. We got a guided tour of the
exhibits that are relevant to our classes, then we got to go up
into the storage rooms and play with the pots and sherds that
aren’t on display. It was very neat. There’s a doctoral student
in Brussels who is working on reconstructing stone jars that
came from an excavation in Egypt in the early 1900s. He has
50,000 fragments to work with, (layed out on every flat surface
in the meseum’s storage rooms) and that’s only about half of the
total which probably exist. Apparently, the other half are still
on the excavation site or are somewhere in Germany…

What am I going to be when I grow up? Probably not a

It’s good to eliminate options, don’t you think?

Friday was also the day I had to turn in my class registration
and thesis proposal. It was great. At Coe, a thesis proposal had
to be a well thought-out, 5 page essay with a bibliography,
summary, research proposal, etc. Here, all I had to do was tell
them “Yes, I’m going to write a thesis.” And I had to give them
a working title. That was the hard part. My promoter (advisor)
didn’t think “Babes in Babylon” would fly, so we decided to call
it “Women from the Sea: changing images of women from the Late
Bronze to Early Iron Ages.”

I have NO idea what that means. I pointed that out to my
promoter (“so… what exactly does this mean I’ll be writing
about?”) and he didn’t seem too concerned. “Eh, get through your
exams in January and do a bit of reading if you have some time.
We’ll figure it out then.”

Excellent. But I think he’s right. I’ll have exams for 6 classes
(13 professors?) in January, and I think that’s quite enough to
deal with at one time.

And that’s about that. Still no real web page updates to speak
of. No photos yet. I’m working on it. Waiting for some disks and
a bit of help to arrive.

In the meanwhile, I hope November is looking good for everyone.
I send love and hugs and fat, chocolate, Belgian kisses to all.


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