Epic French Email #5

Hullo, all!

This should be a slightly shorter variety of Epic, since it’s been a
distressingly uneventful week.  I say “distressingly” because I’ve had some trouble
convincing myself that vacation is over and I have to start going to classes

Ah, classes…  Let me explain to you how the French university system works.
I got back from Italy Sunday morning.  I didn’t have a clue what was going to
happen on Monday morning, because all I knew was that I’d been placed in
group C1 (which means my test scores were in the second highest group of 15 out
of 18 groups.  Yay!).  That’s it.  I decided to get myself to the CLA by 8:30
because I thought I’d heard something about an informational meeting.  Turns
out there wasn’t one, but there was a poster telling me to come back at
10:45.  So I went back.  There were a couple of professors who talked about their
classes, and then they set us loose.  The first classes started at 1:30 that
afternoon, and it was up to us to figure out our own schedules.

Two of my classes were picked by default:  Reading/Writing and Oral
Communication.  That was the easy part.  Then I had to choose a bunch of supplementary
classes.  It’s Friday now, and I still haven’t figured it out.  The way it
works is that you just go to whatever classes you want to see if you like them.
You’ve got two weeks to figure it out.  So far, I’ve figured out that I like
my class on the century of Victor Hugo, and that’s about it. I’ll probably
stick with the Contemporary Art History class, but the Contemporary French
History class HAS to go.  I missed the European Societies class, so I’ll try
again next week.

Picking classes at the CLA seems to be a piece of cake in comparison to
what’s going on at the Fac.  Classes there start Monday, and not only am I
clueless, I’m completely confused.  Maybe I’ll just show up Monday morning, pick a
classroom, and take whatever is going on in there.  Hmmm…  More details when
I get it figured out.

That’s really all I’ve done with my week.  The weekend should be relatively
relaxing.  I might go see a movie.  Sleep in.  All good things.  I’m being
kicked out of the lab now, so until next time, love and hugs to all.

🙂 Laura


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