Epic French Email #1

Yesss!  I’ve done it! I’ve figured out how to change a French keyboard into
an American keyboard!  I don’t know if Tommy forwarded my first email to you,
but I was really cranky when I wrote it.  All the letters are in the wrong
places on French keyboards, and I was typing about 10 words a minute.  But now
it’s all better!  Grandpa, I’d appreciate it if you could forward this to the
rest of the CA branch of the family.  My address book isn’t working at the
moment, and I can’t remember how to spell any other email addresses.

This email isn’t going to be quite as epic as I’d like because I don’t have
much internet time left.  There’s a computer lab at the CLA where I can get
online for free, but there are only 18 computers for the entire student
population, which must be around 600, so we only get a half an hour per day.
Sometimes I get online in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon.  It depends on
whether or not the computer lab attendant is on time to open up at 8:30.  I
have class at 9:30, but I’ve managed to be here every single morning at 8:30.
The bus ride to the CLA is half an hour, which means I’ve been getting up at
7:30 every single morning.  I’d imagine that might have something to do with
the fact that I go to bed at 10 or 10:30 every night because I don’t have
anything better to do…

I’m enjoying myself very much so far.  It turns out that everyone here really
does speak French… surprise surprise.  It’s only now, after a week, that
it’s stopped startling me every time I turn around.  I’m living with a woman
named Marie-T (pronounced Marie-Tay) who is either widowed or divorced (can’t
figure it out, don’t want to ask) and lives by herself.  She’s very nice,
extremely hospitable, and likes sports a lot.  She also talks very fast which
makes her difficult to understand, but I’m working on that.

Classes at the CLA are going fine as well.  I have 5 hours a day to soak up
as much french as I can.  Yikes that’s a lot of French.  But I’m doing better
than I thought I would.  Yesterday, I managed to mail an oversized envelope
to England, buy postage for Italy and the United States, deposit 100E into
my bank account, cash another 100E and make my own dinner.  I feel pretty

Okay.  My half hour is almost up, so I should run away and go to class.  I
hope all is well with you, PLEASE send me email! and you can count on hearing
from me again soon.  All my love and many hugs.


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